Karen and Christopher have extensive experience as workshop presenters and clinicians, both as a duo and as individual educators.  In addition to concert performances, the Duo can be engaged for teaching seminars and conferences.  A list of topics available for presentation can be found here


Past Workshop Engagements

  • 2009 World Piano Pedagogy Conference, Novi Sad, Serbia

Bridging the Gap:  Focus on Intermediate Piano Concertos

Click for a copy of the handout from the conference:  Intermediate Concertos handout


  • 2008 MTNA National Conference, Denver, CO

Bridging the Gap:  Focus on Intermediate Piano Concertos


  • 2006 University of Montana Piano Camp, Missoula, MT

Mountaintop Moments:  Building Peak Experiences for Students Through Collaboration


  • Winston-Salem Professional Piano Teachers Association, NC

"Thank you so much for your dynamic presentation.  We have all been motivated and inspired."


  • 2005 University of Oklahoma Seminar for Piano Teachers

Chris and Karen, pictured with Jane Magrath and Marvin Blickenstaff, were featured recitalists and presenters at the University of Oklahoma Seminar for Piano Teachers.

Group photo

"Your innovative programming goes well beyond what one usually expects to find in a duo performance.  You are to be congratulated on the research and diligent practice that makes such programs possible."

                                                                                 Dr. Marvin Blickenstaff, Director

                                                                                 The New School for Music Study

Educational Outreach

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January 2008

The CanAm Piano Duo was artist-in-residence in Seeley Lake, MT as part of their 2 Valleys Stage Concert Series.  The program for the grade school and high school audiences was entitled "Four Hands + One Piano = An Orchestra!" and included selections from orchestral works by Beethoven, Rossini, Saint-Saens, Danny Elfman, and more.

"The sensitive musicianship, dazzling technique, and wonderful, engaging stage presence really won over our audiences - from the students at the elementary, middle school, and high school sessions right on up through the public performance for an audience of all ages. Your blend of humor, education and energetic performance is hard to beat. We'd have you back in a heartbeat!"

                                                                                       Dr. Thomas Cook, Director

                                                                                       2 Valleys Stage Concert Series

March 2007

A public school "Informance" in Bobycaygeon, Ontario, Canada for K-8th grade.

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